Finalist, National Best Books 2009 in Fiction & Literature:Fantasy/SciFi.

Winner, International Best Books 2010 in Fiction: Fantasy/ SciFi.

His KingdomS Come

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                             His KingdomS Come: The Parousia Project

                                                       By Robert Kiger


 Why more than one kingdom?

 What is the decision that everyone eventually must make about their loyalty to which kingdom they choose?

 Miles St. Clair finds the answer for himself in a manner that he would never have suspected.

 He never conceived that he might be an instrument of The Parousia, which answers for him and perhaps all of us where The Parousia actually takes place.

 Travel with Miles in this intriguing story as he faces death, scientific endeavors that might just be possible, revelations of a secret group of men holding the answer to a Biblical prophecy , his love for Renee and his own spiritual evolution. 

Chapter numbering hint: Because the Star of David is a symbol important to the story, chapter numbering notations use the Star of David which has encoded within its structure, the numbers 0-9. For double digit numbering, two Stars are used. Of interest: the Entire Hebrew alphabet is also encoded within the Star, but not utilized in the book's construt.
 A graduate of Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, cardiologist Robert Kiger's career included a stint as Chief of Preventive Medicine at NASA's Huntsville, Alabama development site for the Atlas rocket.
 He retired from private practice at the South Carolina Heart Center, and currently resides in Camden, South Carolina with his wife, Shirley. They have two sons and three grandchildren.

 In addition to writing fiction and poetry, he enjoys traveling the world and bow hunting for elk. And, of course, Countess (Tess ) ,his standard poodle, is his companion on their long walks.

 A Nobel Prize-winning scientist, Dr. Miles St. Clair spends his days cooped up in a laboratory studying broken ancient DNA sequences to repair them. Miles was widowed during the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and since then he's devoted his life to Ancient DNA Recovery Technologies, Inc., the genetics company he founded. To the outside world, Miles' work may appear obscure, but it catches the attention of New Orbital Investigative  Systems (NOIS ), a group of wealthy scientists, businessmen,and entrepreneurs. They fund a generous grant to support his work on the Holy Shroud of Turin, rumored to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ, from which Miles uses extracted DNA to compare for a possible match to other alleged religious relics.

 When NOIS invites Miles to France to consult on the DNA sampling of the remains of a Visigoth king, he realizes there is more to his benefactors than meets the eye. In Paris, they assign him to a security detail...moments before informing him that the Twin Towers in New York were targeted because they housed his laboratories. By destroying him and his research in one fell swoop, the attackers hoped to prevent the very thing for which he had been brought to Europe, the cloning of a French king believed to be a direct descendant of Jesus, the Christ.

 Reeling from these stunning revelations and a subsequent attempts on his life, Miles is torn between ethical and religious limitations and his hunger for scientific advancement. Fans of The Da Vinci Code will be intrigued by this scientific look at the legend of the Knights Templar, and all readers will be fascinated with Miles' dual identities of a man of faith and a man of science.

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